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Helping hands, within water that is needed to fight the fires, to wash away the pain, to bring clarity for a brighter future, and to represent droplets of rising strength that has rippled into waves of our country's love - I am inspired and proud of you, Canada. The world doesn't owe us a thing, but we owe the world our best.

Since so many supporters have also come from below and abroad, a version for the map of the world and for the USA is already in the works and coming soon. But to start, this is my Canada. With overwhelming feelings of pride by the strength of evacuees, emergency responders, and generosity of our nation, as well as the encouragement of some of my Albertan friends who have asked me to honour Fort McMurray's evacuees, I was inspired to create "Help2o". This is for you, Fort Mac, we've got your back. Besides the occasional wine jokes I throw, my common messages have been about having the courage to allow your gifts to flow right from your heart, especially when it can help others. So thanks to your support for my work, I had already made a $300 donation to the Red Cross last week to help with immediate relief efforts, but I wanted to do more. 100% of net proceeds from each sale of "Help2o" will also go to humanitarian relief. I know there are many other hard-working charities out there other than the Red Cross who could also use the help so if you know of any that could use it, I'm open to hearing of those if you prefer for your funds to go to those as well. I know some time has passed since the disaster but it will take months or years ahead for them to get back on their feet. So even if by expressing how inspired I am for being a part of such a great nation full of strength and heart, and spreading the message through my work of giving for humanitarian need, I am still so happy to have created this. Picasso said "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." So.. this is my heart that I am giving away, my friends. Much love and hugs to all, and thank you always for your continued support. <3 Leanne


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Not necessarily to scale, depending on ordered size. For display purposes only.

All works are personally signed by Leanne Laine in iridescent gold ink and come with their own Certificate of Authenticity verifying personal craftsmanship of your investment by the artist.

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