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A Toast to a Rock Star
A Toast to a Rock Star

Every week I receive messages from people with suggestions on many other art ideas. Since I released Marilyn's Merlot a couple of years ago, someone emailed me about doing Prince. I LOVED that idea as I've always admired his work from my days as a child with ‪Purple Rain‬. So I had started working on it but due to workload I just couldn't get around to finishing it. Sadly, it took his loss for me to go back and finish it. So here it is. "A Toast to a Rock Star" finally born. A reminder that we must all do our best to not just accomplish what we were meant to do, but to stay the course and keep at it, keep creating. Everyone has a gift. Find it and use it. His ‪genius‬ was truly an ‪‎inspiration‬ to many creatives... not just musicians. RIP and cheers to you, ‪‎Prince‬.

A Toast to a Rock Star

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All works are personally signed by Leanne Laine in iridescent gold ink and come with their own Certificate of Authenticity verifying personal craftsmanship of your investment by the artist.

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