About the Artist & Company


About the artist

Born: Manila, Philippines - Raised and still residing: British Columbia. Visual art has always been Leanne's passion for as long as she can see. However, like many people, Leanne was raised with very traditional values to grow up and become something more "practical" to keep up with this fast-paced society instead of doing art for a living. So she received her Business Management education and background instead while being a self-taught artist for many years as a personal hobby. Painting or sketching on her own time was her way of escaping from the pressures of making the "right" decisions for herself -- all the while her destiny was right at the tip of her paintbrush.

Despite trial years of spiraling into the fast lane of the corporate world (like many young adults from the city do after finishing school to make Mom and Dad proud) forced fate had become of her in July 2003 where she was suddenly laid off from her last employer due to company downsizing. Although unexpected encounters like this are becoming far too expected in today's age, it can be very disheartening for many. However, losing her job turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Instead of loathing in devastation, Leanne felt it was time to accomplish her dream of becoming her own boss by turning her part-time love for art into a full-time career. Not only is she fulfilled doing something that she truly loves, especially when it's inspiring the hearts of others, but in her first year alone she sold over 400 of her hand-painted works that are now being displayed with private and corporate collectors from around the world, and still climbing today. Always active in social media, please find Leanne on Facebook and Twitter

Leanne's Exclusive Women in Wine Series and Vinogamy  Series:

Leanne's exclusive Women In Wine Series   and Vinogamy  Series are two unique collection of wine art works that depict the elegance, sophistication, sweetness, and vibrancy of the movement of wine that hypnotizes the palate. Her Women in Wine Series  began with Lady Merlot, a wine painting where the merlot owned the wine glass, confident and empowered, teasing the taste buds. Her Vinogamy Series  began with two original wine paintings, An Intimate Toast and The Taste of Devotion, two wine paintings that were created together to celebrate wine, love, desire, passion and devotion. These, and the rest of the Women in Wine  and Vinogamy  Series are available in various sized limited edition giclees in our online galleries. What Leanne did not realize was just how popular these series would become, as art and wine enthusiasts early on began to ask, "who is that wine artist that has the women in the wine glasses?"  And over the years, that question had been answered many times over as word of mouth has spread the word, and has simply over time translated that question into a simple statement - Leanne Laine is "that Women in Wine Artist."


Artist Leanne Laine and her husband Stewart founded their company, Leanne Laine Fine Art Inc. in 2003 when her works started to become a widely recognized genre in not only the consumer market but also the business prosumer market world-wide. Since then, with the help, training and guidance of professionals in the graphic imaging and printing industry, Leanne Laine Fine Art is the sole fine art publisher of Leanne Laine's works reproducing them into hand-embellished quality limited edition canvas or luster giclées.

While Leanne concentrates on all creative aspects in the making of her original paintings and giclées as well as providing direct customer service with her clients through email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Stewart Laine, who also carries his education and experience in Business Management, oversees all operational aspects including marketing, administration, financial management and customer service for retail and commercial clients. Since 2003, Leanne's works have been sold to private and corporate collectors all over North America and around the world. This popularity has not only gained her recognition as the #1 Googled wine artist, but also quickly known as The Women in Wine artist. Her art can be found in many restaurants, wineries, hotels, and other various commercial establishments.

Most importantly, giving back is a rule as success grows. Leanne Laine Fine Art plays a regular role in contributing to charitable causes and uses her art to make a difference. She is a regular supporter of great organizations such as World Vision, Canadian Cancer Society and The B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation just to name a few. But you can also keep track of her charitable work by following her on her Facebook page where she regularly will let her followers know what is upcoming in terms of benefits, charitable auctions and the like.