Here are some reported facts and reasons why investing in Leanne's works are helping these businesses profit even more:

- Leanne is a renowned artist carrying the largest portfolio of wine art than any other artist in the world and she continues to gain more recognition. She is the #1 Googled wine artist and known globally as The Women in Wine Artist.

- We work with a variety of commercial establishments including hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, pubs, wineries, tasting rooms and wine bars around the world. Along with their design teams, all are extremely impressed with not only the quality of Leanne's work, our excellence in customer service, and the response they receive from their patrons, but the fact that many of them have found increased revenue simply by displaying Leanne's art.

- Some establishments boast that they have sold more wine since decorating their walls with Leanne's wine art, as her wine art is quite subliminal and become great conversation pieces, which is translating into increased wine sales.

- Establishments have reported that customers are returning with family and friends to admire the art on the walls, which is assisting in increasing dining dollars.

- Many appreciating patrons are asking to buy Leanne's art right off their walls, which offers the opportunity to retail her art for added profit.

- Leanne is very active on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.  Fans and followers of her work increase in numbers daily and are mentioning the names of the establishments where they discovered her art and have even posted pictures. Leanne also shares photos of her client's establishments and what fans are saying about them (see Facebook album: Locations)

- Leanne Laine Fine Art is the exclusive rights holder and publisher of Leanne's entire portfolio, which means you cannot buy her art through any big box retailer or wholesaler, which makes her limited editions unique to what other businesses may have on their walls.

- Each piece comes signed, dated, and numbered and comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity. 

- We are always available to work with any sized business, offering various sizes, custom sizes and custom color to those pieces found in her online galleries.  With over 600 artworks available in multiple sizes, the sky is the limit and there is no wall too big or too small we cannot work with. 

The best place to start is to please take a moment and view Leanne's online galleries and then please email us.  Let's work together on an art package that fits your needs.