What Is A Giclée:

A giclée (pronounced -zhee-clay-) is an art term originated by the French which means "spray". It is a very sophisticated type of limited edition print. However, as referred to most experts in the fine art industry, the proper term is "giclée" as the process to create a giclée is much more advanced and result with higher quality than the traditional lithographic or "poster" print which are commonly framed behind glass.

High Quality:

The quality of every Leanne Laine wine artist giclée is achieved by the use of high end media and advanced equipment involving microscopic spraying of the inks to produce a quality image for richer colors and clarity than a lithograph. In addition to Leanne's love for creating original art, she also carries a high interest in graphic imaging and printing where she is the maker and self-publisher of all her giclées, therefore sustaining a sense of personal touch for her collectors' investments.

Time is well spent where meticulous imaging is conducted to ensure that the giclée image matches the original painting as close as possible. In addition, although the giclée artwork is slowly printed in high resolution, the rest of the production is assembled by hand. The canvas giclée is inspected, then applied with a glossy varnish, stretched and stapled around a ready-to-hang frame, and the sides are painted in black.

All Art Pieces are Textured!!

For ALL of Leanne's art pieces, she applies a glossy texture medium using either knife strokes or brush strokes following the subject matter throughout her art giving depth, dimension, enhanced sheen and contrast to the subject matter and its colors. This is one of the many reasons why Leanne Laine's wine art, and all art pieces are considered the best for restaurants, wineries, distilleries, breweries, hotels and other commercial establishments.

Limited Editions are Numbered:

All of Leanne Laine's limited edition giclées are also signed in iridescent gold, as well as numbered out of 1000, dated, titled, location of make, description of giclée "produced by the original artist" and registered with its own authenticity code on the back. This code corresponds with a signed Certificate of Authenticity that is also provided.